Made from 100% recycled gold platinum and diamonds
 Ethical, bespoke wedding engagement and commitment rings.
 handcrafted on the west coast of Scotland

"We received our rings on Saturday and they are absolutely beautiful. We both love the way that they were presented in the box and that they are both wonderfully bright and twinkly. We love them!!!"

"I've just collected the rings from the post office and I am absolutely delighted with them. My engagement ring in particular is very elegant and I cannot stop looking at them...thank you very much!" - Beth

"It is perfect thank you so so much. We love how the ring represents both of us in a very unique way through its stunning colours which change beautifully in different light!  As Jimmy likes to say it's plectrum shape represents him perfectly and tells the story of how we met in music college!  It has so many different personal meanings and memories in it's design and it will be treasured forever!"

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I proposed over the weekend, and that it went perfectly! Felicity absolutely loved the ring, she thought it was beautiful, and it's exactly the sort of thing she wanted" - Steven

"It's absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for all your hard work on it..." - Richard

"Hi Mahailia. my wedding ring arrived today. Thank you so much for working on it. It is beautiful and I am so looking forward to wearing it!  We are absolutely thrilled" - Philippa

"Got the ring yesterday. It looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much. Now for the hard part...!" ..."She absolutely loves the ring. It's perfect for her." - Jonathon

"Just to let you know that the ring has arrived safely  and is looking absolutely beautiful, thank you! I'm really so happy how it's turned out..." - Alexander

"Just back last night and got the ring Moira is delighted with it she really loves it and just to thank you again for all your help from start to finish you could not have done more and will be in touch in the near future to get wedding rings sorted..." - Frank

"Milly keeps looking at the ring and everyone who sees it says it's really, really beautiful. The stone is just perfect and a great choice I think, the joins of the two metals are flawless and all in all absolutely perfect, and better than I had hoped" - Scott

"...she absolutely loves the ring!! you did a truly fantastic job of incorporating everything I was looking for and the ring is everything I had hoped it would be...thank you again" - Olly

"Ring arrived safe and sound on Wednesday and it's perfect, just what I was after. Thanks so much for all your hard work." - Ross

"Woohoo! It fits perfectly! Thanks so much :) " - Jo

"Hello! I am wanting you to know that we received our ouroboros and infinity knot rings and we absolutely LOVE them! We have been showing them to our families and they all really love them. we do really appreciate all the work you have put into them! Thank you so much again!" - M. Lopez

"The ring arrived this morning - Stephen's well chuffed! - fits perfectly. :-D he says it feels really good...Look forward to wearing them as of Friday! THANK YOU!" - Soozy Lai

"Just holding the ring in my palm I felt instantly in love with this little thing. An uttering of "WOW" every time I picked it up filled me with so much happiness it's borderline silly."

G.Fraser - it was hard to pick a quote from Gordon. He was so happy! Here's another....

"It exudes quality & craftsmanship. A wonderful execution and a very subtle but powerful visual treat." 

"Hi Mahailia, I just wanted to let you know that I love my ring and it is very beautifulI" -Maria

"We received them...and they are wonderful! They are lovely (Erin's matches her engagement ring) and so unique. And they seem to fit fine. It's so hard to resist wearing them until our wedding day! Thank you so much!" - Lee, Troy N.Y

"Dearest Mahailia, they arrived yesterday. They are every bit as beautiful as the pictures you sent. we LOVE them! I can't thank you enough for your talents and skills at giving us what we wanted. Thanks so much Mahailia." - Tara & Dave

"We collected our rings and are absolutely delighted with them! They fit perfectly and mine looks beautiful next to my engagement ring. Thank you so much for making them for us, and for being so patient over the preceding months while we asked so many questions. It has been a pleasure to have purchased our rings from you - such personal service and an understanding of where the metal has come from is not something you'd get on the high street." - C.Pink

"well a big thank you she loves the ring and we are engaged! It looks lovely and again a BIG thank you.. -Patrick

"I am writing to tell you that my ring has arrived safely! I was so happy to get it today! There is no way that I can thank you enough for all the time and patience you have had through all of this. You are so very kind. It is a perfectly beautiful ring, and I will cherish it forever." - Patty, Indiana

"You've done it again...what a delight to receive the fantastic ring in the post is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you so much for handling this for us, you've done an amazing job of creating the perfect engagement ring." - Dipti

"It was lovely finally meeting you! it was nice to talk to you about the ring and it really is everything I could ask for...once we left you we could do nothing but look at it! You've done such a fantastic job of realising my ideas and you're own touches have made it 10x better" - G.Fraser

"Just wanted to let you know the rings arrived yesterday afternoon.  They are beautiful!  Thank you so much for you work, and for accomodating our time frame. We will treasure them forever..." - N. Massey

"My ogham wedding band arrived today in the post, and I wanted to email to let you know just how pleased I am with it. It fits perfectly and is more beautiful than I had imagined it. It is absolutely lovely, and I couldn't have found a better ring anywhere, nor one more suited to me. Please pass on my most heartfelt thankfulness and regards to your team -- I couldn't be more happy with what you have made for me. I will be sure to recommend Mahailia whenever I get the chance...sincerest of thanks..." - E.Powell, Maryland 

" The rings arrived yesterday and are absolutely beautiful - better than I imagined. Thank you for taking an idea and creating such a stunning piece of jewellery - the rings will be a lasting, unique reminder of a special day..." - J.Stalker

"I love love love everything the pendants came out so beautiful and the rings are amazing. I am so happy with them thank you so much..." - C. New York State

"...just wanted to say a huge thank you for forging two such beautiful rings that Eoin and I will have and cherish always. I want to say an extra special thanks for all your time and effort. I will recomend you to my friends..."

"I received my wonderful pendant yesterday and immediately put it on. It is perfect, just what I wanted, I love it!"

 "...thank you for making such a beautiful ring. I was overwhelmed by such a lovely thing, but am getting very used to it now! Thank you for your art and expertise..."

"It came this afternoon..... I think it looks great! Sara has not seen the final outcome yet so Iam going to present it to her in a romantic setting, yet to be arranged."

"Thank you for your time and effort. I think you managed to capture Sara's vision of the pendant perfectly."

"Just got back from holiday THE NECKLACE IS GREAT!"

"The pendant arrived and looks great... many thanks for your work to get it done and hallmarked in time. Katy wears it all the time!""Just to let you know the rings have arrived safe and sound and are really stunning - mine is a perfect fit... they were so beautifully boxed i almost did not want to open them...PS took the rings to show all the girls at work - everybody loved them."

"Thanks so much for all your help - and for 2 fabulous rings!!"

"Many thanks...Darren and I have tied the knot now and finally get to wear our
beautiful rings...thanks again for making our rings they are fantastic..."

"It has arrived!!! It is absolutely fantastic, thank you very much"

"The ring has arrived, and it is beautiful and perfect.

"I received the rings yesterday. they are amazing! Thank you very much!"

"It's gorgeous! Absolutely perfect,thank you so much. I love the curves andangle of the stone. It feels more unique to me. I knew from seeing your jeweller you'd do my sapphire proud."

"just to let you know the rings were amazing! Alex thanked you in his speech!"

"I just received my pendant from my husband, I absolutely LOVE it! It feels wonderful to wear since it is a symbol of the accomplishment of my black belt."

Thank you for your creativity of design!I will enjoy wearing it for years to come!

"we received our pendants last night and really love them.They have turned out exactly as I hoped, so thank you very much. I have already had several compliments on mine and Stuart is wearing his -first piece of jewellery ever for him. So thank you for all your work and creativity."

"...thank you so much for the wonderful ring, better than I dreamt it could be, I am sure Pam will be absolutely delighted."

"Ben gave me the ring on Sunday - I LOVE IT!!It is just what I pictured (eventually, once I had got over all the unhelpful vagueness!) and I can't stop looking at it.Everyone is superjealous - I have been the one with no ring out of about 4 people I work with who have got engaged recently, and they all look a little bit less satisfied with theirs now they've seen the rock!

The rings were (and still are!) a surprise for Helen, so I had to blindfold her whilst she tried her's on. Apparently it was perfect. I can't wait to see her face on the "day". Thanks once again for the impressively fast turnaround and excellent service. I personally can't wait to wear what is a unique statement of my promise to mi' other half!"

"We recieved our rings yesterday in the post( very exciting!)...we absolutely love them!!they are just super!!,they look kind of antique-y!. thank you so much for making something so unique, we're chuffed to bits!!"

"Hope you are both well, will probably be in touch again sometime in the future for our wedding rings!! Thanks again..."

"Hello, just to say thank you so much for our beautiful wedding rings,...we really really love them!!"

"The rings arrived and are absolutely lovely. Many thanks"

"I am delighted with the earrings. Many thanks for making them so quickly."

"The earrings and bracelet are simply beautiful. I can see why you enjoyed making them so much too ! They are truly special..."

"We got them from the post office yesterday!! Thanks, they look great and fit perfectly. You did a wonderful job with them!"

"We received the rings this morning, they are gorgeous, they also fit perfect, so no alterations needed. Thank you. I look forward to news of the Eye of Horus pendant..."

"Yes, it was here when I arrived this morning, and it's beautiful.Thankyou so much, I'm sure Jo will love it - I'll let you know!"