Ethical, bespoke wedding engagement and commitment rings made from 100% recycled gold platinum and diamonds on the west coast of Scotland.

Don’t know your ring size?
If you are not sure of your ring size don’t worry, we can send you a complimentary ring sizer that is accurate and re-usable. Please email or phone and we will pop one in the post.

What if I get it wrong…
If your ring does not fit first time we will re-size it for you free of charge (not applicable to gem set rings), we will charge for any subsequent ring size changes.

But I can’t ask, it would spoil the surprise..
 It is worth asking family and friends if they know (and can be trusted not to give the game away!) If not you could try ‘borrowing’ a ring (from the correct finger) and slide it down a tapered household candle, until it leaves a slight mark. Then you may either post us the candle and we will ascertain the ring size or you could use one of our complimentary ring sizers to measure it yourself.

Please try to avoid online ring size charts that get you to measure the circumference of your finger- we find these are not very reliable due to differing finger shapes etc..

Non UK ring sizes…
If you know your ring size but are not from the UK please let us know the ring size and the country you had you finger measured in and we can convert the size for you.

Rings with gems set all the way round…
 e.g diamond eternity rings cannot be re-sized so it is very important to get it right first time. Check your ring size with a Jeweller local to you as well as using our complimentary ring sizer. Or, of course, if you are near enough to our shop in Argyll do please come and visit us.

Fingers expand and contract…
Our fingers do change in size from morning to evening, month to month and even winter to summer so this can explain the discrepancies in size from time to time. Our suggestion would be to take more than one reading over a short period of time to be sure of an accurate reading.

Centre, leading edge or trailing edge?

We measure clients’ fingers with a new Wheatsheaf measuring stick and the reading is taken from the centre. If you have your finger measured by a Jeweller, please check if the size is centre, leading edge or trailing edge.